Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gentle Water Tumbles & Warm Vapor Rises - Chickasaw State Park

~Chickasaw State Park Sulpher Oklahoma~

It's certainly no secret to my regular readers that I have been a slacker the last few days. I won't deny that. I have been. However, just as the vapor dissipates as it rises, so does one's energy, if we don't take the time occasionally to get ourselves replenished.

I promised myself and my family when I started blogging again ,I would not stress out over it, and wear myself out, sitting in front of the computer, hour after hour, day after day, and, I am not going to. I have been hitting it pretty hard lately keeping up with a multitude of memes, which by the way, in most cases, require me to furnish photos. Which, in turn, requires me to have time to take photos as I am listed as a photo-blog.

I am giving myself this weekend off. For sure, I will be away again tomorrow, Saturday. I may or may not be back on Sunday. Our weather is absolutely marvelous. Our forecast is for temperatures around 65 degrees and clear skies. With that weather report it's awfully hard not to want to be outside after the cold weather we have had over the last few weeks.

Before I close I would like to note that yesterday was my wonderful husband's birthday. He was thirty nine almost for the third time in a row. He will be home any time now to start his vacation. And, hopefully have surgery done on two hernias, which are in dire need of attention. I am so glad he is finally going to be able to have this done. Plus it will be super to have him home. Please pray we can get this all scheduled!

Last but not least, is the announcement of January's top talker. It was close this month. But, once again, my dear and lovely friend Sandee, from Comedy Plus won out by only three comments. Shelly, form La Tejana, a wonderful, and very dear new friend ran a very close second. I am so very grateful, and thankful to each and every single person, that took even one minute out of their life to stop by my blog, look around, and leave me a comment. 
 It always amazes me and truly makes my day!
Thank you to everyone!

Now for my operative word....'replenish'...
~Chickasaw State Park Sulpher Oklahoma~

 Just as the water tumbles down into the creek, that flows into the pond, creating the mystical warm vapors rising in the very first photo...I too am off for just a little longer to revitalize my energy and my creativity.

~I'll see you guys come Sunday and definitely no later than Monday!~
~God bless and peace to all~
What is your favorite way to relax and get re-energized?


  1. I thought maybe you'd been having power outages, or computer problems in your absence. But I can sure understand the need to take some time away from memes... it's time consuming and much much more. Thing is, I have learned to just do a meme now and then, add my link, and let it go at that. Blog Hops on the other hand I tend to ignore 'cause so many times, the posts are way too redundant and can get to be a bore viewing. Of course that's my opinion. I'm like you...I'd much rather be outdoors or with the one man I love all these years. Speaking of man...tell yours a belated happy 39TH!! hehehehehe

  2. You are doing the right thing in taking time off every now and then- and don't feel guilty!

    I'm glad you're having good weather and I hope your hubby's time home will be terrific. (And that the hernias get taken care of.)

    Thank you for the shout out- I love visiting your blog!

  3. I hope you are allowed and enabled to get rested-up. Both of your images are wonderful, but that first one is simply spectacular!

  4. I am taking a few days off the computer. i have been having back and thigh problems and today my hip is so bad i can't sit or walk.
    to learn your Rebel, I have had two, go to youtbue and type in the search the name of the one you have and tutorials. there are hundreds of them, including and introductory. that is what i did even when i bought my second Rebel to learn the new things.

  5. Yes we most definitely need to be re-energized every once in a while Jackie!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend :)

  6. I'm happy I'm your top talker. I'm pretty good at yacking. That and I love you bunches.

    I'm glad you're not going to stress yourself out blogging this time around. It's just not worth it. Since Entrecard is gone I've not stress anymore. I'm going to keep it that way too.

    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Walter,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

    I hope you can get his surgeries scheduled. He'll feel far better after he heals up. Far better.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from cold but sunny California. ☺

  7. My favourite way to relax is to take photos!
    You're right, though, hobbie shouldn't be pressure.
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  8. Happy Birthday Walter! Two hernias huh, well, my last was two when I went into surgery, but they found a third while I was in there. Top that!

    Jackie, we all need a break from time to time. When I feel one coming on, I post a few days of woodsterman nonsense ahead of time. With nonsense that's easy.

    Well, I see number three has to try a little harder.

  9. hello Jackie! wow..i LOVE the first pic! <3

  10. i hope you've the most relaxing deserve it! oh i'll be away too hehe see you when i get back ;)

  11. Happy Birthday to your hubby and here's to many more, healthy and happy ones...:))

  12. Good for you not stressing out over the blogging. It really does take all the fun out of it. Happy Birthday to your husband and have a great weekend

  13. Those photos are lovely and made us feel more relaxed! Blogging should certainly be for fun so by all means take time off when you need to. We'll still be here! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Enjoy your break. I do it from time to time as well. We all need that. Hope your hubby's surgery goes well!

  15. I joined my friend Sandee in singing to Walter. Enjoy your hubby and get him healed. We aren't going anywhere, so take all the time you need.

    Big hugs, honey...

  16. Hi Jackie, I totally understand what you mean about taking the time for yourself, as you know I have decided to do that as well and not stress about blogging. It's a tough choice, we want to be in touch with everyone and share our writing,our thoughts and join in on the fun stuff. I think it all just comes down to a matter of finding our limits and striking a balance. I hope your husband has a wonderful birthday and his surgery goes well. Take Care and have a wonderful week, I'll be in touch soon,
    {{Hugs}} to you,
    Janet :)


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