Sunday, February 3, 2013

Awwww....Monday - Farewell

Mr. Goose

Mr. goose is no longer with us. His number came up Saturday morning. He was attacked  by a bobcat. I was not feeling super well. I think I am trying to come down with a bug. So, I slept late, and the cat got poor Mr. Goose. It is a sad But, he was getting old and mean.  He squawked non-stop.  I knew eventually he would draw unwanted attention and he did. 

I'm grateful Mollipop and me are okay. Every single time I would let her outside Friday night she ran to the back and barked her head off. I would have to go back there and literally pick her up to bring her in the house. She did exactly the same thing Saturday morning. However, this time as I approached, I heard this low guttural growling, and then I saw him. Naturally, I grabbed Molli, and ran as fast as possible, into the house to grab my camera. Well, I had to try to get a photo before he jumped the low place in the fence, and  attacked me. He definitely was not going anywhere because Mr. Goose was right there, and the cat was protecting his kill.

Bobcats have become a very big problem in our area. I would estimate this cat weighed somewhere between twenty five and thirty pounds. The combination of their size, and lack of fear of humans, has become a serious problem. We all have concerns, in this area, for small children, ourselves, our pets, and, our fowl. I won't go deeper into the details. But, no one needs to worry about that cat any longer. 

I will post the two photos at the end of the week for my Feline Friday contribution. Hey it's not everyday a city girl gets photos of a bobcat in it's natural habitat. The adrenaline rush during the entire episode was incredible.  Oh my, just think, that cat had been back there the night before. A big, hungry, and, agitated cat. I am so grateful  he didn't attack Molli or me. That's why we all own shotguns or rifles. I was nuts for being out there the night before without my gun. I know better! I always take my shotgun out with me. I won't forget to take it ever again!! 
Blog Of The Week is La Tejana authored by Shelly. 

Shelly is an incredible writer. She's a teacher that also lives and works on a ranch that has been in her family for several generations. I am not a big reader. I usually like to hit and run. But Shelly grabbed my attention from the very first sentence I read she had written. Last week, she wrote a simple piece about doing dishes that made dish washing sound like one of the most romantic and fascinating things a person can do. I'm telling you this is a wonderful blog filled with incredible true life stories. Don't just hit and run. Look through her archives. She's one heck of a story teller! I hope you go visit and have a look around. I know I am glad I found La Tejana!
Okay did ya'll get all of that? I hope so. I am not the writer. That's why I take pictures!

I will need my new strength this morning when I visit the dentist! I am back and will get caught up with everyone as fast as I can!
~Happy week everyone!~


  1. Bob Cats???? HOLY CRAP GIRL! I'd be gettin' me some bob-wired fence 20ft. high around my house or just never go out & buy steel doors... no no better yet MOVE! ewwwwww Just the thought gives me a chill! Glad you're both safe! Thanks for stopping by & leaving comment! Wow! Keepin' thinkin BOB CAT in your backyard! Girl, you need a shotgun NOT a camera!!!

  2. Aw, poor Mr. Goose. Sounds like you have an even wilder yard than we do. Can't wait to see your photos of the Bobcat.

  3. Thank you so much, Jackie, for you very kind words!!!

    I'm so sorry about the goose- I don't like those bobcats at all. We've lost some cats to a few around here. Be safe, and be careful. I hope you are feeling better soon, my friend, and that the bobcat decides to move far, far away!

  4. Awwwwwww, poor Mr. Goose. But a bobcat?!!! On your property? Whoa. That would probably make me put the house up on the market if ever that would happen in my neck of the woods. Yes...carry your shotgun with you at all times, and make sure Molli is out with a chaperone. Can't be too careful.

    Loved your post about Shelly's blog. She is truly a talent that makes blogging fun.

    Get well.

  5. What an interesting AWW Monday post. Poor Mr. Goose.

  6. I had no idea that bobcats had no fear of humans. I've already read that they were very elusive creatures. Sounds as if yours is becoming a problem!

  7. ps...can't wait to see some of your photos from Corpus.

  8. i love this story and i think you did a great job of telling it. can't wait to see the pics on Friday... it will be hard to watch youtube on slow speed internet.
    if you have questions, email me at
    and i will try to answer them. watch what you can and ask the rest. in the email tell me what kind of camera you have.

  9. Yikes! A bobcat terrorizing the neighborhood is scary. Glad he is no longer, but poor Mr. Goose. :( You created a pretty portrait of him. Can't wait to see your bobcat shots.

  10. That cat would be no more for me too. Just saying.

    I'm sorry about Mr. Goose though. I'm hoping he lived a full and happy life. Goose wise that is.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  11. Shhhh, don't tell PETA. We have them here too. A year ago I saw the biggest one I have ever seen.

  12. What a wonderful Awww....Monday Jackie.

    Have a wonderful day honey :-)


  13. Poor Mr. Goose. He was a handsome guy. Goodbye old bobcat. You get too close, you're a goner! We may have to keep the kitties inside when we get home b/c there have been lots of coyote sightings. Not good. We have miles of woods to the west of us.

    Big hugs, honey...

  14. aww poor Mr goose but get rid of that bob cat before he hurts someone else

  15. Aw, poor Mr. Goose! That's the way of the world though, or as the Lion King promotes, the 'circle of life.' At least it sounds like he had a good life!

    I can't imagine coming face to face with a bobcat though o.O This is exactly why people should have the right to own guns/shotguns! It's a matter of protection, so I say you go girl :)

    I'm pro-gun if you couldn't tell. Lol

  16. Sorry to hear about Mr Goose, what a story your braver than me LOL

    Have a nice evening Jackie ;-)

  17. Poor Mr Goose. To everything there is a season.
    Only a true blogger sees a bobcat and runs for the

  18. That's sad about Mr. Goose. We hope nobuddy else is hurt by that bobcat!

  19. I wonder what the deal is with your bobcats. For the ones I remember from years ago would always steer way clear of any human contact. In fact, actually catching sight of one (as opposed to finding their tracks) was indeed a very rare occurrence.


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