Thursday, January 17, 2013

MIA For A Day - Self Portrait And Nut Shell Tell All

Okay so here's the deal. I just got a phone call from a very dear old friend who just happens to be the dad to our two second oldest grandsons. We've known him for over twenty years. I haven't seen him in over three so this is really special!

He flew in from Maine for a job interview in Dallas. Well, he has decided to drive up for a visit before starting his new job and, I am very excited. But, also very busy.

I have a dentist appointment in the morning. I took all of the cats to the veterinarian yesterday for their shots and Rascal got sick.

I was gone all day today on a photo shoot and it was a waste of time thanks to a new lens I bought and tried. Only a few pictures turned out okay and I was gone the entire day.

Yesterday a big super store threatened to sue me for taking pictures in there. I was only people watching but they thought I was a spy. Now I ask you if I were in a store committing 'Retail Espionage' would I have a huge camera hanging around my neck?  

To say the least yesterday, today, tomorrow and now tonight have become very hectic. I do apologize for not being able to visit everyone. I am very thankful to all of those who have still come to visit me even though I couldn't make it by to visit you. And, I will do my best to get this all sorted out and back on track as soon as possible.

In the mean time I have posted a picture of myself so hopefully you don't forget me. I have no clue how long my company is planning on staying. If it's just a drop in and leave visit I will be able to get everything caught up tomorrow when I get back from my dentist. If they are staying over then I may be MIA for the weekend.

That's it in a nutshell!


  1. And nope I don't die my hair. Everyone always asks me if I die my hair. The answer is no. My gray hair is platinum blond with silver streaks!

    I hope everyone has a great day and a great weekend. I wanted to get that in just in case I don't make ot back by tomorrow!

    Peace to all and God bless you for visiting and commenting! ♥

  2. Well you do what you have to do and enjoy your visit for however long that visit lasts. Yep, that's what I'd do too.

    Sorry that your lens didn't work out, but I love the picture of you. Don't worry I won't forget your face. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  3. Hope you enjoy the day you pretty lady.

  4. Great photo! :) I hope things settle down for you and hope your cat feels better soon. Have a nice visit with your friend!

  5. "Retail Espionage"...that made me laugh. And that's a GREAT picture by the way!!

  6. Good morning. Since I shoot Nikon and I am far from being an expert on any photo subject, I'm not sure that I am the one qualified to give you any advice. Most experts will tell you to purchase a camera that meets you needs, but buy the best lenses that you can afford. Basically I made a similar decision as yours. I had a Nikon film camera and a couple of lenses, so I purchased a camera that allowed me to use my old lenses. Find a true camera store and tell the folks there what you have, what you like to shoot and get a recommendation from them. Note, you don't have to have the most expensive camera in the store to get good photos. The more bells and whistles a camera has, the longer your learning curve is and you may never use some of the features.
    With that said, decide what you really like to shoot and then determine what equipment is necessary to get the job done. Most of my shooting involves the grandkids and their sports. That means a relatively good zoom lens. I have three. A Tamron 18-270mm is a great all around lens for most outdoor stuff. I also have a sigma 50-500 that allows me to shoot across the soccer field. For indoor work, if the 18-270 doesn't work, due to low light, then I go to my Tamron 70-200 f2.8. It is a wonderful lens for indoor shooting and some portrait work. That's about all I know. Thanks again for stopping by Driller's Place.

  7. First...I love, love LOVE your self portrait. And, *hint* that would make a great profile image on your blogger profile. :o)

    Sounds like one real hectic time ahead for you. Suing you for taking pictures? Oh my lord...what next? This country has gone to hell in a hand basket!! Seriously.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your photos. And now I seem to crave something with nuts on it. Hmmmm.

    Oh, and PS...Bud was BORN in Colorado Springs!!

  8. Well what a day how stupid was the superstore we get that here too people gone mad syndrome I think.

    I hope your dentist appointment goes OK and you enjoy your time with your visitor.

    Word of advice never post a photo of a nut in the same post as one of yourself LMAO...I'm not suggesting you are one Jackie I promise

    Have a walnutlicious weekend ;-)

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  10. Oh, wait. It is not the picture at the end that is you, it is the lovely lady in the first picture. Both are excellent photos.

    You mean I have to quit snapping pix at the super center?

  11. Walmart was afraid you were Woodsterman threatening to post their employees instead of the customers.

  12. I'm sure you'll enjoy the visit. Sorry about the lens problem.

  13. Don't worry about being MIA, we all need the time now and then. Enjoy your visit. I can't believe they threatened to sue you for taking pictures. That's nuts

  14. Hi Jackie, it's always hectic for me too, with the care for a young son, and a mother..Sometimes, it just works out that way..

    Just do what you have to do!


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