Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friendship Friday

This week I am participating in a new meme. Each week we are asked a question or given a prompt and we share our answers or our opinions. This week's two questions are: What are your current Blogging goals? And, do you have a plan for achieving them?

My immediate and most current Blogging goal is simply to blog with hopes of building a good many followers, meet new friends, find other good blogs, hopefully entertain, and possibly even enlighten you with my nature photography. 

I began studying photography as a serious amateur approximately three years ago. I have become aware of so much beauty in nature. I am starting to be able to distinguish different calls that certain birds make. I find beauty in the tiniest weed, grasses, trees, vines, old barb wire, wooden fence posts, and of course, all of Oklahoma's beautiful horses and wonderful array of wildlife. 

Sadly, I am also much more aware of how very much we are trashing our planet. I find huge piles of litter in some of the oddest places. I am working on adding some features to my blog now. One is a badge and link exchange. However, the most important one for me, is trying to figure out how I can use my nature, and environmental photography, to contribute in helping to clean up this planet we call home. 

I do have an extensive Blogging history. I authored 'The Painted Veil' for over five years. I worked almost around the clock for five years until I had hundreds of followers, a Google page rank of five and my Technorati rating was somewhere around nine hundred. I still can't believe I deleted it. But, I did and, what's done is done. I do not expect to ever gain that amount of exposure again as I am not going to drive myself nuts working at this computer sixteen to eighteen hours a day for the next five years.

Now in conclusion, I plan to achieve my current goals by doing just what I am doing now. I am participating in a lot of memes and meeting a lot of great new people. I also have a ton of really good friends who know me from my old blog. Eventually, I have plans to market my photography and move on to a dot com address. But, for now, I am just enjoying taking my pictures and visiting all of my blogging pals.

That wasn't difficult and I hope I didn't bore you all to death. If you would like to join in just follow the little kittens in the badge below.

~I hope everyone has a great weekend!~


  1. No Feline Friday this week? Okay, this is fun. I always wondered why you deleted your other blog too. It's was most beautiful. Should have just kept it private until you were ready to blog again. I know you worked really hard on that blog.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs my friend. :)

  2. Very interesting- our blogging goals are similar. I think by going in to enjoy it we are rewarded well. Love what you said about nature and our planet~

  3. I so agree with you there...why stress yourself about blogging and trying to get as many followers as you can? It's not worth the time in my opinion...a blog should be your choices of how to write and compose...NOT try to just post something and follow someone else just to get them to do the takes the fun out of the whole concept.

  4. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will accomplish these goals Jackie. You are supremely talented both as a writer and a photographer :)

  5. You will accomplish these goals -as I think you are heading there if not there already.

  6. This sounds like a fun meme although I tend to stay away from them. I already spend enough time in front of my computer with all the blogs I follow now that I couldn't possibly take more time to visit all the people participating in a meme.


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