Monday, January 28, 2013

Awww...Monday:Great Heron-Sunrise-Life's Good

Great Blue Heron Gliding Over Lake At Sunrise

 I certainly went Awwwww.....when I got home, and reviewed my shots for this day. I have not tampered with this photo other than to sharpen a little bit. This was taken last Thursday around 7:30 am right as the sun peaked over the hill across the lake. Since last Thursday we have had fog and mist. I am praying for sunshine this week. I am craving to get out with my camera and my big glass of ice caramel coffee.  

This week's 'Blog Of The Week' is...
I made this badge so please don't go by the image.  I hope he doesn't mind me taking the liberty.
He didn't have one so I snagged this picture and made one.
I don't remember how I ran across this blog. It is authored by Kieth Wynn who works in the field of higher education. I have been reading it for about two months. I find his musings very interesting. Many times I spend as much time reading some of the responses as I do his writing.  His actions and writings have proven to me that he chose exactly the right title for his blog.  I find him to be interesting, polite, gracious and conscientious. Whether you like dreamers, or not, his writings evoke thought and responses. 
~Let's Go Do The Hop!~
I can remember so many of the cars shown in this video that I was shocked.
Am I the only one that remembers the cars featured?
Oh go ahead and's fun!

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~Happy day and week to everyone!


  1. Hi there - if you take pictures like the heron, you are very welcome at WBW!
    Not every picture of a bird needs to look like one from a field guide - and I always encourage people to "push the envelope" for WBW images!

    See you on Wednesday!

    Stewart M - Melbourne.

  2. What a glorious picture! Loved the whole post~

  3. That sunset photo is just outstanding, Jackie! So beautiful to see..

  4. Seeing such great sights as this is another reason why we love living in WPB for the winter. Great shot.

    Through you I have discovered that dreamer guy blog. He is definitely an interesting fella.

    Life is indeed good. Big hugs, honey...

  5. Thank you so much Jackie, I am truly humbled :)

    And WOW - that shot of the Great Blue Heron over the lake at sunrise is fantastic!!!

  6. been about 50 years since i heard at the hop and i still remember it and like it... you had me with iced caramel coffee.. yum....hope you get sunshine soon

  7. Thank you all so much. My granddaughter just called and is popping over for a visit. It's real world time and not blogging time for me for a while!

    I'll be back asap!

    Thanks again and happy day to all!:-)

  8. Oh how I wish I was there to see that one. How I long for Spring and Summer. Not so much the hot weather, but just all the beautiful colors and fresh air. I went out this morning to pull out hubby's car (running late AGAIN), and the air smelled like moldy dirt. YUK! I live about 6 blks from Fox river, but GEEZZZZZZ! Everything is just mucky & dirty in the winter! :( Love love love this pic! Thanks for sharing. Following you to dear! Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Great shot up there. Happy Monday Morning.

  10. This qualifies and then some. How many times have we watched a sunrise or sunset and said Awww? Too many to count.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  11. Simply exquisite, that gorgeous ... fantastic! Good scenery!

  12. Hello Jackie. Thank you for visiting and following my blogs. I love your photography and I'd be glad to feature your cat photography on Traveling Cats

    If you're interested, you may send your pictures to lionavalon(at)gmail(dot)com . I always put a link back to your blog with every picture I feature.

    Have a lovely week :)

  13. What a beautiful sunrise Jackie, very beatiful capture!

    Have a wonderful day with your granddaughter honey :-)


  14. Following you now and love the shot... it looked like a glorious morning.

  15. That is stunning Jackie your quite a hand at photography aren't you glad now that you have upgraded from a polaroid LOL

    I couldn't resist it heheh! have a lovely day/evening

  16. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for stopping by. Your photos are amazing! I truly love the sunset with beautiful quote. Your herons are gorgeous too.

  17. Hola Jackie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog via the I Love My Online Friends hop, I have reciprocated the love and support and am now your newest reader #76. Love your blog name and banner, looking forward to getting to know more about you and yours.

    ~SimplyyMayra of
    PonderWonders @

  18. Oh my gosh Jackie, that sunrise and heron photo is incredibly beautiful!!! Truly, picture post card perfect.

  19. Love the heron picture! Every once in a while, we bring home a sweet surprise like that.

  20. awww...that's a great shot Jackie! <3

  21. ahhhhh...MONDAY...have a great week ahead!! ;)

  22. No one says it quite as she does, yes?

  23. Wow I am overwhelmed, humbled and very grateful to all of you for visiting and taking the time to comment.

    Thank you all so very very much!

  24. I love Let's Go To The Hop....and all that amazing 50s stuff! I remember some of the cars in the video.....but sadly, this era was before me, so all my car knowledge came from Daddy and his Auto Trader magazines (but I think they were called Car Exchange back in the 80s!)

  25. What a fantastic moment with the heron. Great shot! :)


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