Monday, November 19, 2012

Chicken Hawk In Flight and The Dixie Flyer

I was outside with my camera gathering autumn color shots when this rather large bird flew over. At first I thought it might be an eagle but it is a hawk. It was most likely circling our pond checking out our ducks and thinking about Chinese take out for dinner. Luckily for us and our only two remaining ducks out of approximately thirty purchased last year I was outside and they were saved to face yet another day and night of life here in the wilds of Oklahoma. 

Why it was just last week I went out with shotgun in hand to run off a good sized bobcat that was patiently waiting by the pond for the geese and ducks to come out for the morning. Well, actually only the geese come out anymore. The ducks have remained pond bound since the last attack a few weeks ago in which one of our geese were taken. This is the only good I can see from this drought we've been in for two years now. Our ducks can stay down by the water line in or now wee pond and we throw the grain down there to them. God bless'em' I hope they make it!

I began wondering just what a chicken hawk really is. Do you know? Well I was quite surprised at some of the definitions. Chicken Hawk is an unofficial designation for  three species of North American Hawks: the Cooper's Hawk, the Sharp-Shinned Hawk and the Red Tailed Hawk. Walter doesn't think the hawk I have a picture of is any of these. So I have come to the conclusion that much like the so-called chicken snake the chicken hawk is a name used for all hawks that can't otherwise be identified. Surprisingly chickens are not their main diet of choice. They like small mammals and ducks were mentioned in one article but yes they do also kill and eat chickens too.

Now for the fun part.  I have saved the best for last. I couldn't help thinking about Speedy when I watched this cartoon. Please take a few minutes and watch it. It is a hoot!

~Merry Melodies The Dixie Flyer Cartoon~

The cartoon is hilarious and I do so hope you had as much fun as me watching it!


  1. We have sparrow hawks. They are beautiful, but deadly to our birds.

    I loved the cartoon. Speedy will love it too. He's not around much anymore, just so you know.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  2. Wow I see you are making your rounds early. It's fantastic to have 2 visits in one day!! Walter and I enjoyed the cartoon too. I figured Speedy is pretty busy with his new life as a married man. I am happy for him!!

  3. I don't remember that cartoon at all, and I am sure glad you had it up. Coopers are slightly smaller than red-tails, and they are both native to your area. I am not sure about the sharp-shinned hawks. You may have some sparrow hawks around there, as well. They are considerably smaller than Coopers and red-tails, and cuter than all get out. Of course, it might be a good idea to not say so where they can hear you. For I think they may have quite a mean-streak to their disposition. (LOL?)

  4. I hope you-all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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