Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dona Nobis Pacem:Better Late Than Never


I am very honored to be back and once again participate in this event. For those of you that are not aware and I doubt there are many out there in the blogging world that aren't, I would like to shout out a big thank you to Mimi @ Mimi Writes.

This is her dream child started quite a few years back. I remember when she was just starting how very excited she was to get her first globe from Oklahoma where I live.

Our son-in-law a Desert Storm veteran had just been deployed to Iraq. Wow, it's amazing how quick a person can wake up when war, worry, anxiety and the chilly thought of the loss of a loved one rushes over you like a cold blast of wind blowing hard and bitter cold down across the plains. We are among the very blessed and lucky. Our Bill returned home in one piece. As a matter of fact he just received his twenty year letter and medallion.

Unfortunately this is not the case for way too many people in the world. There are thousands of mothers and families huddled in fear around the world right at this very second. They are cold, hungry, homeless and displaced from their countries. They give birth to sons that will most likely be forced into war before they are even old enough to attend school past an elementary level. They give birth to daughters and carry the burden of worry that their daughters will be raped, tortured and forced to do things that no humans should have to do to survive.  I wish I could say that the only peace we need to blog about this year exist in foreign countries-distant places we shout out a prayer for as we watch the nightly news. But, we also need to blog for peace in America.

We are becoming a country divided and that frightens me very much. People seem to spew out hateful and hurtful statements with no care for their fellow citizens. I know times are hard. Believe me we are not among the wealthy. Heck we ain't even considered middle class anymore. But, my husband is working and we are blessed with a home, food, car and yes, for now, until he retires, we even have health insurance. I know this is not the case for thousands and thousands of Americans who have lost their homes and are displaced, cold, hungry and in great need of help too.

But the only way we can move forward and get through these tough times is if we stick together and help each other. We must put all prejudices aside in order to get our country moving again and help our people with their needs also. For we have thousands of families and children in dire need too.  But, you see the thing is the world has become very connected and dependent upon each and every person's actions everywhere. We are all dependent upon each other's actions globally and must act accordingly and treat each other with respect to achieve success and peace not only in distant places but here at home as well.

And that is why we that are able must do all we can to speak out and reach out a helping hand for world peace. If we do not stop the warring among ourselves and that goes for all countries and every human being those babies pictured up there on my globe this year just might not make it. Because the world will no longer exist. This is not an exaggeration. The destruction of mankind and our world is right around the corner and the clock keeps ticking faster and faster on what will be our very own self inflicted time bomb.

So how about it? Let's give those babies a chance. It's simple to start. It's as simple as clicking on Mimi's name and making the decision to make world peace a priority in your life. Go over there and get yourself a globe and write a post about peace and join this wonderful and desperately needed effort to bring about change.

Let's give peace a chance and our soldiers a much deserved rest. We can't get our men home if we can't work together all around the world to end war and terrorism! I am tired of young men coming home in coffins or with parts of their bodies blown to kingdom come and the mental anguish they are suffering is tantamount only to Viet Nam in our generation!! It's time for peace!!


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    1. Yes it is Mike. I am trying my best to get things in order around here. I will be over and visit you as soon as possible!! Big hugs!!

  2. Hi honey. Mike Golch let me know you had a new blog. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

    1. Oh my dear sweet Sandee I am so so glad to hear from you!! I have tears in my eyes!! I was working on photographs this morning and also getting ready for Walter to come home so I have not made it over to your site yet and I haven't got you added in my links yet either.

      But you are next in line!! I love you Sandee and big big hugs right back at you!!

  3. I feel so happy to have you back, Jackie! I missed your sweet and inspiring thoughts. Love you always!

  4. I feel so happy to have you back, Jackie! I missed your sweet and inspiring thoughts. Love you always!

  5. This is a truly excellent piece--both in regards to content and presentation. Be assured that anyone who suggests that you are not a very good writer doesn't know what they are talking about!

  6. What a lovely peace globe and thoughtful essay. You're right. The clock IS ticking and we need to be about the business of peace-making.

    Thank you for participating this year and being a voice for peace. You do make a difference.

    Peace to you and yours,


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