Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Needed To Get An Image Online-I'm Not Back-Miss You Guys Though

Wow things have changed around here! I am still not blogging but did need a place to upload 2  pictures of myself! I miss you guys and you can find me at

Now to get my picture up here to link to it! I just know everyone really wants to see my picture! LOL!!!

Now I need to get the other one up here. I hate learning curves!

Okay this next not me but it is pretty and it is copyright protected by CRGPhotography. So please don't grab it. I am grabbing code just in case you guys are wondering!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Bird's Eye View

Of our world for the next couple weeks is much less peaceful than this image!

I truly hate to do this. However, I just don't see anyway around it. Walter, my husband, sees his DR. and will get set for surgery first thing this upcoming week. We are putting up 300 feet of fence to accommodate our new puppy. He arrives here tomorrow and is only 7 weeks old.

There are also a few other things going on that are making it virtually impossible for me to keep up right now. Walter is after me about not getting enough rest by trying to do everything here at home and keep up here on the blog. 

I simply am not able to keep up with everything. I am officially on break starting now. I am so so grateful to all of my wonderful friends and I miss you all so very much. But, Walter's surgery involves two hernias which are in pretty bad shape and he really needs me to his wife right now and help him! Oh, did I mention we are also having our house painted? Well, we are! I am overwhelmed with real life activity and truly need to take care of my home and family right now!

I'll see everyone as much as possible and as soon as possible!
~God bless and love and peace to all!~
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